Welcome aboard svBedouin, our Lagoon 420 catamaran.  Here’s a little tour of our floating home…

Bedouin's Interior

  • Our 2008 Lagoon catamaran is an owner’s addition, giving us the entire length of the port side of the boat for our master cabin.
  • The Starboard hull has two cabins, each of them with their own heads.  Each head has a separate shower, although the forward shower has been converted into a large closet for all the spare parts we have for the boat.  We call it “The Chandlery” and it’s a pretty impressive sight to behold.  One less shower isn’t a big deal since most of the time we take showers outside, off the back sugar scoop–which sounds strange when you’re in and out of the ocean a lot, we mostly use the shower head at the aft stairs.
  • The center of the boat, known as the bridge deck is where the salon is located. You’ll find our galley and indoor living space up there. Many evenings you’ll find us popping popcorn and settling into a movie.  

The Galley

Bedouin’s galley got an upgrade when Mark installed a giant new sink and high arch faucet to keep Bedouin’s head chef happy.  

When it gets super hot, Mark fires up the plancha grill on the aft deck to avoid heating up the galley.

There even used to be a dishwasher aboard but it’s been turned into a custom drawer for more storage–which is a far better use!

A new sink for the galley

Master Cabin

The master cabin runs the full length of the port side hull.  We’re pretty spoiled over here.  The great thing about the Lagoon 420 is all the light that filters in from the hatches on the deck above us so we get lots of sun and breeze below. 

So many, that when an unexpected squall hits, it’s quite a chore to batten down the hatches!

Aft Starboard Cabin

We call it the “Get Me to the Greek” cabin because when we were shopping for linens for our new-to-us boat, the kind lady at the store told us we needed a Greek room.  So here it is.  It comes with its own head and shower. But don’t be too impressed, the shower and toilet come with confusing instructions for landlubbers.

Forward Starboard Cabin

This is our Bosun Chloe’s room when she’s crewing aboard Bedouin.  

She helped paper the white door that used to be the shower. It’s now her dad’s chandlery, a closet full of his beloved boat parts.  He’s not too jazzed about his bedazzled door but the rest of us think it’s way better than it looked before.

Bedouin's Top Side

Aft Deck

We spend most of our time out here in the cockpit often times playing games around the table.  This is our dining table, work desk, snack bar, gaming center, you name it, this is where we gather. 

Above is often were our laundry hangs, or we sprawl out on hammocks, so this is the place to be.

The Laundry Room

There are no more dreary laundry days since we’ve moved aboard. We’ve got a washing machine in the master cabin and Mother Nature for a dryer. Clothes come out smelling the REAL kind of fresh because we’re using the latest in solar and wind technology.  And the best part of all, we usually wait out the dry cycle on a gently agitating hammock.  We’ve said goodbye to laundry days that suck.

Bedouin's Layout